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Ajinkya Sir – 10 Years || Rasika Madam – 5 Years


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Our program nourishes the whole person, which leaves future teachers ready to do the same. With us, you’ll get to experience yoga as a way of life.

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Yoga coach & Founder

Ajinkya Meher is the founder of A.M.Y. based in Mumbai and has been teaching since 2011. Before coming to yoga, Ajinkya was a waiter in a pizza hut for 3 years. He worked in pizza hut along side his college and taking responsibility of family, he was tired and wanted to do something different in life . He did his first teaching training course from the (The Yoga Institute) Santa Cruz and also got an opportunity to teach there . He has been teaching there since 2013 and specializes in teaching yoga teachers. Ajinky has taught more then 1500 students till now as he working from past 10 years almost every day. He believes in and teaches yoga on the mat and off the mat as a way and discipline of life.


Yoga coach & Founder

From 2016-present, Rasika has been a co-founder of Ajinkya Meher Yoga Shala, teaching and sharing her knowledge of yoga. She completed her Teacher Training School from different yoga schools. The Yoga Institute Santa Cruz (2015–16) , Indea Yoga (2018 & 2021) , Learned under Mark Robberds and Deepika Mehta (2017 & 2019) , Pregnancy yoga from striwellness (2021).Her expertise is in teaching (pre-natal) and (post-natal) Yoga classes. Apart from this , she conducts corporate yoga classes. Rasika believes in the discipline of life. Her contribution to A.M.Y has been tremendous from day 1 till now. She is one of the strong pillars in A.M.Y.

Your life of Yoga



If you are looking for a more flexible, strong, capable body and a clear, positive heart and mind then yoga is for you. It’s a great form of exercise that will improve your fitness, as well as aiding your mental well being.

Authentic Experience of Yoga for Every Individual

After teaching at various studios and teaching home tuitions across Mumbai for almost 6 years, I started my group yoga classes by the name ‘Yoga Burn’ at a studio in Versova, Andheri at Mumbai and then shifted to another studio in Lokhandwala and as the batches started increasing there from 1 batch to 4 batches everyday, the name ‘Yoga Burn’ evolved to ‘Ajinkya Meher Yoga’ as a brand in 2018. My wife Rasika plays a major role in foundation of ‘Ajinkya Meher Yoga’.

We at Ajinkya Meher Yoga believe in imbibing the yogic concepts and practices in our daily lives. Our brand emphasises on making peace with the inner self and bringing peace into oneself and lives around us by living yoga as a lifestyle for better mental and physical health creating a healthy environment for everyone to live in.

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. – Jim Rohn.

Our core values and beliefs are simplicity, striking a balance, working as a unit -team work & innovation- creating tools for different individual needs.

One should choose Ajinkya Meher Yoga because we create an experience through our classes that enable one to be thoughtful and be mindful in their actions in day to day life.

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Years of Experience


Daily Workouts


We offers yoga classes for students of all ages and abilities who are dealing with injuries, stress, high blood pressure and/or recovery from surgery.


We offers yoga classes for students of all ages and abilities who are dealing with injuries, stress, high blood pressure and/or recovery from surgery.


Some enjoy yoga for its fitness benefits, while others do it for the peace of mind it brings. Yoga involve positions that can increase flexibility and spiritual benefits.



Yoga is a powerful practice.

Physical asana (the poses themselves) can help to make your body supple and strong.


We Welcome You To Ajinkya Meher Yoga

Ajinkya Meher Yoga aims to influence people to live a hale and hearty life. Through our services we wish to connect people to their inner spirit which would eventually lead to happiness, peace and good health.